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Peer Assistance Review

The PAR Program is a union and district collaboration designed to support, guide and evaluate first-year teachers in the Syracuse City School District. New teachers are assigned a PAR Consultant, who is a master classroom teacher that provides feedback, resources, professional development, and ongoing support throughout their first year. PAR Consultants report intern progress to the PAR Panel up to four times throughout the year, including an announced formal observation. 

Teacher Center

The Syracuse Teacher Center was established in 1984 under Ed Law 316 and supported by NYSUT to provide professional learning and resources provided are driven by teachers, for teachers.  Please reach out to Maureen Kendrick-Page, STC Director at if you have any questions.

Educational Research and Dissemination

ER&D is a union-backed professional development program designed to provide educators with high-quality training utilizing research-based strategies and information.

Education and Learning Trust

The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (ELT) is a nonprofit, premiere professional learning provider and has offered an array of research-based practical programs to assist educators in honing their craft for the past 40+ years.

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